Confusion about a statement in the FAQ

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Tue Sep 13 13:07:46 CEST 2016

On 11/09/16 02:13, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> Whichever "they" you had in mind when you brought it up...? ;-)
> I said "Enigmail and other clients" -- if you don't specify which
> precise implementation you're interested in, I don't know which one you
> want to know about.

Well, I sort of wanted to know about them all, i.e. if there was an
emerging consensus. Not much use if all the MUAs do it differently. ;-)

>> memoryhole's readme (thanks for the link!) states that it has been
>> implemented in enigmail...
> There's limited support for it.  I wouldn't say it's ready for prime
> time, but if you feel like living on the bleeding edge, go for it!  :)

I've waited 20 years for it, no harm waiting a little longer for
stability... :-P

Thanks again.


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