Serve up ssh key *and* gpg key?

Daniel Haskin djhaskin987 at
Tue Sep 13 16:42:46 CEST 2016

Long-time GPG user here, thanks so much for everyone's help and work on it.


I really like the feature GPG 2.1 has, where it can serve up a subkey of a
private key to SSH and act as an SSH agent. I use a particular subkey of my
master key for SSH authentication and I really like it.


But, at work, I was issued an SSH key to use to get into a particular server
via SSH. I was told to add it to my SSH-agent. 


My question is, can GPG serve up both? 


I don't think it's possible to turn the SSH key I was given into a GPG key,
or I would just do that so I gpg-agent could serve it and I could use it as
an SSH key.


I don't think it's possible to simultaneously run ssh-agent (or pageant, for
that matter) and gpg-agent at the same time.


Is there a way I would be able to have an application connect to gpg-agent
as if it were an ssh agent and have the gpg-agent serve both keys?



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