:-(( Re: smart card no longer works

Stephan Beck stebe at mailbox.org
Fri Sep 16 22:09:00 CEST 2016


Philip Jackson:
> On 11/09/16 19:49, Stephan Beck wrote:
>> Which type of smartcard do you have? Which gnupg versions were installed
>> on the the old system and with which of it did you generate keys?
> The smartcard is a version2.0 made by ZeitControl and bought from
> Kernel-concepts and used with a SCT3512 usb holder from SCM.
> I bought it in or around August / September 2014 and installed it using
> UbuntuStudio1404 LTS with gnupg 2.0.22.  The keys were generated in 2013
> using the gnupg2 stuff in Windows 7 except for a couple of the sub keys
> which were made on the card in October 2014.
> I guess I'll have to dig in the archives and see if I can find records
> of how I got it working back in 2014.
Sorry for the delayed response.
It's not enough to simply copy and paste all the files into the new
~/.gnupg directory, as you write you did in your previous mail. You have
to run gpg2 with the --import option to import your public key and then
(having your smartcard inserted and doing a gpg2 --card-status) generate
key stubs for the secret subkeys on the new system.From what you say, it
seems that you haven't done this. It's my wild guess that things may
have gone wrong there.

But as I don't know the detailed steps you took including those with
gpg4win on Windows7, I simply refer you to two docs (1,2) I found useful.

(1) https://wiki.fsfe.org/Card_howtos/Card_with_subkeys_using_backups

They may talk about other smartcards (I do not promote any!) than you
have and/or not match exactly your use case, but are quite detailed and
may be useful for detecting whether there is a particular step you might
have missed.


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