:-(( Re: smart card no longer works

Stephan Beck stebe at mailbox.org
Mon Sep 19 13:02:00 CEST 2016

Philip Jackson:
> On 16/09/16 22:09, Stephan Beck wrote:
>> Sorry for the delayed response.
>> It's not enough to simply copy and paste all the files into the new
>> ~/.gnupg directory, as you write you did in your previous mail. You have
>> to run gpg2 with the --import option to import your public key and then
>> (having your smartcard inserted and doing a gpg2 --card-status) generate
>> key stubs for the secret subkeys on the new system.From what you say, it
>> seems that you haven't done this. It's my wild guess that things may
>> have gone wrong there.
> Thank you Stephan - got it working.  For the record, I did not undo
> anything that I had previously done. Just left the installation as it
> was then did :
> gpg2 --import /path-to-my-key/mykey.asc
> inserted smartcard
> gpg2 --card-status
> then run tests. Can now sign and encrypt emails, sign and encrypt and
> decrypt files although verify on its own causes me a problem but I
> shouldn't think that is connected with the smartcard.

Another wild guess: maybe it's because the ownertrust values of your own
public key have not been imported together with the key. You have to
reassign trust.
gpg2 --edit-key [yourkeyID]
gpg> trust

Another way (I forgot to mention this in my previous mail)
is to import your key with
gpg2 --import-keep-ownertrust [yourkeyID]

Then the ownertrust value is being imported as well.

Does it change anything with respect to your verification problems?



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