Opening the Gnupg interface on linux

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Thu Apr 6 23:02:41 CEST 2017

On April 6, 2017 2:12:08 AM EDT, Tay Too <itzmereis at> wrote:
>Hello everybody, very new to linux, and pretty unfamiliar with gnupg
>only used a few times. Yesterday i was able to open an actual window of
>Gnupg through my terminal with a command similar to ~/.gnupg    now
>when i
>enter this it tells me this is a directory and wont do anything with
>any help?

 It is indeed a directory. The tilde character is a shortcut for your home directory and .gnupg in your home directory is where gnupg stores its information for that particular user. Depending on the versions of your OS and gnupg, you can invoke gnupg by typing either 'gpg' or 'gpg2' into the terminal. Adding the switch '--help' to this command will show you common options and a brief explanation. 'man gpg' or 'man gpg2' should show you the gnupg manual pages which provides a more in depth explanation of various options. There are various guides on the website, but I don't have any links for them at the moment.

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