"general purpose OS is fundamentally inadequate for trusted operations"

listo factor listofactor at mail.ru
Mon Apr 24 09:50:15 CEST 2017

On 04/24/2017 12:42 AM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> -- but [smartcards] do not rise to the level listo is
 > ascribing to them...

The central argument I've been making in this thread is not the
promotion of smartcards, it is something best summarized by
the quote from the Laurie-Singer paper: "...the general purpose
operating system is fundamentally inadequate for trusted
operations." The problem has grown immensely since that paper
was written, so that today *it affects the average gpg user*.

The use of smartcards is to me only a welcome sign that a
growing segment of gpg users appears to agree with that
proposition. They should be helped and advised how to better
tackle the problem, instead of being told that the problem
exists only for those that face some arcane class of
adversaries with mythical powers.

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