AW: gnupg or gpg-agent options for parallelism and memory usage

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Fri Aug 4 11:56:09 CEST 2017

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> Hi,
> This is a simple question really. I've been working on some automation
> in which many GPG secrets are decrypted in parallel and rendered in
> templates. Routinely, when our system attempts to decrypt hundreds of
> secrets at once, GPG with gpg-agent crashes our containers and the
> parent process(es) by running out of memory.
> Is anyone aware of any options or configurations which can increase the
> efficiency of memory resource usage, allowing us to quickly decrypt more
> things at once?

Would somethinng similar to [1] help you? Due to resource limitations and 
security considerations (never copy private keys), I try to separate session 
key extraction and decryption.



PS: CAVEAT, gnupg-users list seems to be configured in strange way: "reply to 
all" does not reply to the list, so please add address manually.
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