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On 31/08/17 07:20, Bereshka wrote:
> Hello, Dear Creators :) 
> I will very appreciate if you can help me, because I was surfing a lot in the internet looking for an answer, and read tones of forums, but did not find solution.
> So I installed gnupg 2 , command gpg didn’t work in Terminal. I was confused and decided to try Gnupg tools suite, I installed that and created my keys and passphrase. Later I knew that I should type gpg2 in Terminal to work with that. So I got encrypted message and I tried to decrypt it, but it just didn’t show a result, it said that by whom it was encrypted and to whom, that’s all. We decided that it might be a problem because go GPG tools suite, maybe it causes conflict. So I decided to deinstall GPG Tools. Before to do that I exported my public, private, rev certificate, then I deinstalled this software. I located all keys to a folder “keys” at my user root folder). Then I imported all keys through terminal. To check I do —list-keys and I see my imported key and my husband’s key that was imported as well. 
> 1. The problem is that I can encrypt message and send it to him and that he can decrypt it. But when I get encrypted message from him I can’t decrypt it. It does’t ask my passphrase. It asked when I had GPG Tools, but even with asked passpharase with GPG Tools being installed i didn’t get a decrypted message
> Now I don’t have GPG Tools and when I do command gpg2 Enter and insert his message I get this 
> gpg: public key decryption failed: No pinentry
> gpg: decryption failed: No secret key

Hello. GNU PG version 2.* uses a program called “pinentry” to ask for
passwords whenever it requires a password. There are several such
pinentry programs. You can install several of them but you just need one.

If you use GNU/Linux, search for “pinentry” in the listing of package in
your package manager. There will be several such programs. The only
user-visible difference (as far as I know) is the way in which they ask
for password and the look and feel.

If you want a graphical window to ask you for password, install
“pinentry-gtk2”, “pinentry-gnome” or “pinentry-qt”. If you want to be
asked within the terminal emulator, install “pinentry-curses” or

I have never used “GPG Tools” so I can not provide any help in this regard.


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