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> Hello, Mario
> Thank you for your advice and attention.


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>> There are several such
>> pinentry programs. You can install several of them but you just need one.
> for example? is this program is not in the package of Gnupg? 
> I use Mac

A pinentry program may or may not come with GNU PG. It depends on how
you install it. If you compiled from source (you would know if you did
that), then you need to install pinentry separately.

If you used a third-party software bundle that includes GNU PG, then it
depends on the choice of the developers of *that* software bundle.

For examples of pinentry programs, take the ones I mentioned in my
previous message.

> well, then why other people on mac don’t have that problems, they just download gnupg and start using, they don’t install anything additionally) 

The GNU PG project does not distribute any binaries for Mac OS X. As for
the people who “download gnu pg and start using it”, I assume they
install a software bundle containing GNU PG. However, although such
bundle may include GNU PG, it is a third-party project, not part of GNU
PG itself.

Anyway, I recommend using GNU/Linux because unlike Mac OS X it is free
software. <> Installing GNU
PG in any reasonable GNU/Linux distribution is trivial.

If you want to continue using Mac OS X you probably want to use one of
those bundled made by a third party.

*To summarize:* You are probably using an unofficial software bundle for
Mac OS X that includes GNU PG. The GNU PG developers in general are not
responsible for any such bundle. You must consult the documentation of
your bundle.


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