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Thu Aug 31 22:27:16 CEST 2017

I know about reply all :) but didn’t want to be annoying with all one hundred questions that I was going to ask :)) 
But I agree that it may help to somebody else to solve the same issue. 
I  used this website to download and install <>

It was my guess too, that there is a conflict between the original gnupg and that third-part GnuPG, that after deinstallation caused misunderstood in the system, causing some parameters, that it could not give anymore. 

Then I tried few times to uninstall gnupg using the command sudo apt-get install gnupg in Terminal. I edited this file gpg-agent.conf  previously, adding this line - pinentry-program /bereshka/bin/pinentry-qt . But it didn’t help and I removed it. Actually when I opened it first time, this file, it was empty and it’s empty today too, so there is noting to comment. 

I was struggling with that about two weeks ago and read tones of information in the internet and nothing helped. But after I asked that question and got all your kind advices I decided what if a miracle happens and I just try to decrypt a message again. And I was very surprised, because it works. I didn’t do any changes today, I just opened again that file config to look at. And I restarted my laptop many times right after all that changes that I did two weeks ago, but it didn’t help at that time. But today it just starts to work. 

Thank ya’ll

Best regards,

> On 31 Aug 2017, at 10:24, Mario Castelán Castro <marioxcc.MT at> wrote:
> On 31/08/17 09:12, Bereshka Web and Photo wrote:
>> Hello, Mario
>> Thank you for your advice and attention.
> Hello.
> When replying to a message from a mailing list list, please reply to the
> mailing list instead of the sender only. Most e-mail clients have a
> “Reply to list” button to do this quickly.
>>> There are several such
>>> pinentry programs. You can install several of them but you just need one.
>> for example? is this program is not in the package of Gnupg? 
>> I use Mac
> A pinentry program may or may not come with GNU PG. It depends on how
> you install it. If you compiled from source (you would know if you did
> that), then you need to install pinentry separately.
> If you used a third-party software bundle that includes GNU PG, then it
> depends on the choice of the developers of *that* software bundle.
> For examples of pinentry programs, take the ones I mentioned in my
> previous message.
>> well, then why other people on mac don’t have that problems, they just download gnupg and start using, they don’t install anything additionally) 
> The GNU PG project does not distribute any binaries for Mac OS X. As for
> the people who “download gnu pg and start using it”, I assume they
> install a software bundle containing GNU PG. However, although such
> bundle may include GNU PG, it is a third-party project, not part of GNU
> PG itself.
> Anyway, I recommend using GNU/Linux because unlike Mac OS X it is free
> software. <> Installing GNU
> PG in any reasonable GNU/Linux distribution is trivial.
> If you want to continue using Mac OS X you probably want to use one of
> those bundled made by a third party.
> *To summarize:* You are probably using an unofficial software bundle for
> Mac OS X that includes GNU PG. The GNU PG developers in general are not
> responsible for any such bundle. You must consult the documentation of
> your bundle.
> Regards.
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