Problems reading smartcard

Peter Lebbing peter at
Fri Dec 22 20:14:05 CET 2017

I think the problem is that gpg2 is not the one doing the smartcard calls. It
spawns a gpg-agent process, which then spawns an scdaemon process. These two are
still running when you're back at the command prompt.

gpg does not do this by default, it talks to the card directly. However, after
gpg2 has spawned its helpers, these helpers are still alive, and *holding the
card reader exclusively*. So now gpg can no longer access the card reader
because scdaemon, running in the background, already has it open.

I don't know /anything/ about SELinux. But hopefully now you can look in the
right place, because I think you got sidetracked by the gpg2 process not
actually doing the business.



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