Problems reading smartcard

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Ah, that makes sense. Thanks. I'll try asking on an selinux help forum and see if they have any ideas.

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> I think the problem is that gpg2 is not the one doing the smartcard calls. It
> spawns a gpg-agent process, which then spawns an scdaemon process. These two are
> still running when you're back at the command prompt.
> gpg does not do this by default, it talks to the card directly. However, after
> gpg2 has spawned its helpers, these helpers are still alive, and holding the
> card reader exclusively. So now gpg can no longer access the card reader
> because scdaemon, running in the background, already has it open.
> I don't know /anything/ about SELinux. But hopefully now you can look in the
> right place, because I think you got sidetracked by the gpg2 process not
> actually doing the business.
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