Meaning of "text user ID's"?

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 2 19:24:19 CET 2017

On Wed,  4 Jan 2017 14:53, peter at said:

> "Really sign all text user IDs? (y/N)"

> So how come that the jpeg image is about to be signed as well? What
> does "TEXT user ID" mean? I would have expected only the other UID's
> to be signed. Is this a bug in my head or in the code?

I think this patch is wrong:

commit a74aeb5dae1f673fcd98b39a6a0496f3c622709a
AuthorDate: Fri Nov 6 13:14:57 2015 +0100

    gpg: Add new option --only-sign-text-ids.
    * g10/options.h (opt): Add field only_sign_text_ids.
    * g10/gpg.c (enum cmd_and_opt_values): Add value oOnlySignTextIDs.
    (opts): Handle oOnlySignTextIDs.
    (main): Likewise.
    * g10/keyedit.c (sign_uids): If OPT.ONLY_SIGN_TEXT_IDS is set, don't
    select non-text based IDs automatically.
    (keyedit_menu): Adapt the prompt asking to sign all user ids according
    * doc/gpg.texi: Document the new option --only-sign-text-ids.

    GnuPG-bug-id: 1241
    Debian-bug-id: 569702

In particular 

                if (opt.only_sign_text_ids)
                  result = cpr_get_answer_is_yes
                     _("Really sign all user IDs? (y/N) "));
                  result = cpr_get_answer_is_yes
                     _("Really sign all text user IDs? (y/N) "));

looks wrong.



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