fetch yields "rejected by import filter"

Jorgen Ottosson list.gnupg-users at acme.nu
Sun Jan 8 16:26:06 CET 2017


I'm having problems importing and thereafter using keys on another pc.
This is kinda annoying since it interfers with using cards smoothly on
different computers.

I have the privkey on a card, use the admin/fetch command to get the
pubkey down and therafter use the card-status to generate the stubs,
The thing is that when I enter 'fetch' I get error messages:
gpg: key xxxx: rejected by import filter

The URL on key, 'URL of public key' is indeed korrekt and I can easily put
it in a browser and see the pubkey.

So what is the problem? I noticed there are quite a few hits of "rejected
by import filter" when googling.

I have seen this issue several times before trying to use/test different
cards on both Win and Linux.

There seem to exist options relating to this:

--import-filter name=expr
--export-filter name=expr

but should I need to use these in config file to make these card commands
to work?

Right now I'm on: gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.30 (Gpg4win 2.3.3)
Card (in this particular case) 2.0 and keys 3072 bits.
Reader SCR335 seem not to have any issues.

What am I missing?

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