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Ian A Morris Ian.Morris2 at
Thu Jun 8 16:39:29 CEST 2017

Hi All,

I have been tasked with setting up a secure file transfer mechanism for our organisation.
We have created the private keys etc. using Kleopatra and are able to encrypt/sign (with asci armor) and decrypt and exchange files with our partners successfully.
I would like to automate the process as follows.
Users place files in a folder based on a Fileserver.
GPG4Win (based on our SFTP Server) is scheduled to check the folder, encrypt any files it finds placing the encrypted file on the SFTP server's Outbound folder and DELETING the original file on the Fileserver.
I am able to automate the encryption but the original file stays in place. When using the GUI there are options for the following, "Remove unencrypted original file when don"

Could you please help. I would like to

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I am using the following syntax

Gpg2 -batch -recipient xxxxx  -encrypt-files -armor C:\Location\*.txt
Which creates the encrypted the files in the same location and the orginal files still remain.

I have tried a number of different options, none of which worked for me.
If I am able to to encrypt/decrypt and point the files to an alternative location and remove the orginals then I would be extremely grateful for the help.

Kind Regards

Ian A. Morris
IT Infrastructure Analyst
ICT Transformation Project
Int: 7592191
Tel: 02380 626897
Mob: +44 7958 216696
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