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Ludwig Hügelschäfer ludwig at enigmail.net
Mon Jun 12 20:18:42 CEST 2017


On 12.06.17 14:52, Stefan Claas wrote:

> Hi Ludwig,
> I just checked again. On my Mac and on my Windows Notebook i get a
> green bar , from a blue "Untrusted" key when i go into Enigmails
> Key Management and set the trust of that key to Ultimate...

Well, ultimate ownertrust is the wrong way. This setting is reserved
for your own keys. No wonder you get a green header bar.

What are you trying to achieve? I'm getting tons of "UNTRUSTED Good
signature" when reading my mailing lists, e.g. from Peter Lebbing and
a lot of others. That's the way it is, I have to accept this, my
web-of-trust is not so good. I've got a couple of good signatures, though.

One way to improve this situation is to get out, meet people, view
their Ids and receive their fingerprints, verify them and if all is
good, sign their keys.

The other would be to enable TOFU. Can't tell anything about this, I
still have to test.

Best regards


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