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Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Mon Jun 12 21:15:26 CEST 2017

On 12/06/17 20:51, Stefan Claas wrote:
> Maybe as an additional security feature Enigmail should give
> a key with a set trust level of "Ultimate" a different color than
> green.

No, that's beside the point. Once somebody gets your user privileges,
there is no "additional security". It's game over. They could replace
your Enigmail with their Evilmail, which seems like a good name for an
Enigmail edited to show any fingerprint the attacker desires and give it
any colour of the rainbow.

You need to make sure your computer doesn't get hacked by someone who
wants to subvert your use of GnuPG. Luckily, for most of us, we get
hacked to send spam... ;)

(Remember there are two types of companies. Those who know they got
hacked and those who don't know yet that they got hacked.)



I use the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) in combination with Enigmail.
You can send me encrypted mail if you want some privacy.
My key is available at <http://digitalbrains.com/2012/openpgp-key-peter>

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