Creating Unique Fingerprint

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Mon Jun 19 17:56:47 CEST 2017

Google is a pretty great tool for this kind of things.
Here is one of the results I found:

As far as I can tell from the source, it uses the method I suggested,
decreasing timestamp one by one, and it finds a fingerprint that ends in a
given string of bytes. This last part is not exactly what you need, so
you’ll have to adjust the test yourself, but other than that it seems to be
a reasonable “plug-and-play” solution for your task.

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 6:38 PM Long Si <longsi0008 at> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> Thanks for your input so far. I am surprised to learn about the
> suggested methods. For my example 1, I had assumed there would be only
> (1/16)^4 combinations so it should be fairly quick (i.e. less than a
> week to find one).
> Let say for now, I just want my full fingerprint to start with a 'A'.
> With a possibility of 1/16, I assumed this should take less than a day
> of computing power. Can anyone show me a script to do so?
> I wish to have a working key, of course, with my chosen name, email, etc...
> Regards
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