Is it possible to encrypt a stream on the fly ?

BOITEUX, Frederic fboiteux at
Thu May 4 15:33:27 CEST 2017


  I've a program producing some sound records,  I'd like to use GPGME to encrypt this records (using RSA key) and I have some questions about this :

- the records are produced continuously and handled regurlarly through  small data blocks (in memory), and I have to encrypt data before to write it in a file. I wonder if I could encrypt data on the fly, small blocks by small blocks, or if all input data should be here to run encryption (using gpgme_op_encrypt() or gpgme_op_encrypt_start() functions) ? I've read "Callback Based Data Buffers" page in documentation, but it seems gpgme_data_read_cb_t function should be blocking when if data isn't available...

- moreover, this program is multi-threaded and can process multiple records in the same time : could these encryptions be done asynchronously, using only one gpgme_wait() call (by a specific thread I guess) ? Do you have some sample codes doing this kind of stuff ? I've read the GPGME documentation, but I'm confused about how to do this.

	Any help would be appreciated, thanks !

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