debugging systemd user services for gpg-agent and dirmngr [was: Re: gpg hangs when asking for passphrase]

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Wed May 10 20:10:27 CEST 2017

Hi Joey--

thanks for these details!

On Tue 2017-05-09 21:43:47 -0400, Joey Morris wrote:

> X11 via startx. I run openbox-session at the end of .xsession.

cool, we actually have fairly similar setups -- i'm also running
systemd, debian testing/unstable, with dbus-user-session, and
libpam-systemd, and i use openbox as well :)

However, i'm not seeing the behavior you're seeing.

One difference i note is that you're using ~/.xsession, and i'm just
relying on the alternatives system to launch openbox:

    0 dkg at alice:~$ readlink -f $(which x-session-manager)
    0 dkg at alice:~$ 

( For the programs that i want launched per-graphical-session that can't
  be handled as systemd user services, i include them in
  ~/.config/openbox/autostart )

Do you think you could try that approach (with the systemd user services
unmasked) and see whether the agents respond properly?  if so, it'd give
us something specific to debug (we would look into your .xsession to try
to figure out how it differs from the standard startup).

also, when the systemd user services are unmasked, what is shown by:

    journalctl --user-unit gpg-agent dirmngr


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