scdaemon coredumps

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed May 31 03:12:35 CEST 2017


Thank you for your report.

"Yuriy M. Kaminskiy" <yumkam at> wrote:
> When I tried to rebuild gnupg2 2.1.21-2 debian package from
> experimental in pbuilder, I got a number of sigsegv's from scdaemon
> while running tests:
> Annoyingly, test-suite does not catch this as error, it has not left any 
> core, and name of executable was masked, so after twiddling here and
> there, I got core and discovered that scdaemon dies when it tries to use
> libusb after libusb intiialization failed:

There are two things here.  The selection of default key by gpg frontend
was not good.  It was fixed in:

    g10: Fix default-key selection for signing, possibly by card.

And by your report, scdaemon core dump is fixed in:

   scd: Handle a failure of libusb_init.

   scd: Fix error code on failure at usb_init.

> With patch below, it just freezes at
> === cut ===
> ...
> PASS: tests/openpgp/decrypt-unwrap-verify.scm
> Checking signing with the default hash algorithm
>       > plain-1 plain-2 <<< [here]
> === cut ===
> Have no idea why.

I don't know what's going here.  Let's see...

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