Using the OpenPGP Card on Unix && Win7

Matthias Apitz guru at
Thu Nov 16 13:56:34 CET 2017

El día miércoles, noviembre 15, 2017 a las 12:19:30p. m. +0100, Werner Koch escribió:

> On Wed, 15 Nov 2017 09:06, guru at said:
> > Before digging into all the details by my own and esp. because in Windows I'm only a
> > DAU(*), is there some step by step guide to configure the OpenPGP Card in
> > Windows and using the files from the GNUPGHOME on FreeBSD in Windows?
> Actually you could copy the entire GNUPGHOME to the respective Windows
> directory.  The name of the lock files and some temporary files are
> different but that does matter.  "gpg --version" (or "gpgconf
> --list-dirs") shows you the standard home directory on Windows.
> If you only want to copy some keys, you can use the same procedure you
> would use between Unix boxes.
> Kleopatra's card manager is pretty basics.  If you don't like it you can
> use the one in gpa (which can optionally be installed), or just resort
> to the command line.  

I copied over GNUPGHOME and gpa and OutLook can see/use the pub key. To
get access to the Card, I need some driver in Win7. Do you know any
reliable place to fetch from.


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