Use of Passphrase Callback

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From: SHARMA Sandhya (MORPHO)
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Subject: RE: Use of Passphrase Callback


Does anyone has idea how to implement this.
As I have urgent business need to do it ASAP.


From: SHARMA Sandhya (MORPHO)
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Subject: Use of Passphrase Callback


I am Using gnupg on windows and want to use "Passphrase Callback" functionality to input password for private key.
My current lines of code is:
error = gpgme_set_pinentry_mode(context,GPGME_PINENTRY_MODE_LOOPBACK);
gpgme_passphrase_cb_t func = &passphrase_callback;
gpgme_pinentry_mode_t pinMode =  gpgme_get_pinentry_mode(context);
void *pp = 0;

and declaration of gpgme_passphrase_cb_t is
gpgme_error_t passphrase_callback(void *opaque, const char *uid_hint, const char *desc,int prev_was_bad, int fd)

but breakpoint on this function never hits.
Kindly provide help on this or any example used to implement Passphrase CallBack.

Thanks & Regards,
Sandhya Sharma

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