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Tue Oct 10 18:05:15 CEST 2017

On 10/10/2017 05:55 PM, Mario Castelán Castro wrote:
> On 10/10/17 01:46, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> With respect to specific distros, we ought use the name the distro
>> prefers.  The Fedora Project releases Fedora, not Fedora GNU/Linux.  The
>> Debian guys release Debian GNU/Linux, not Debian Linux.  The people who
>> set up these distros have given their distros names, and it seems
>> appropriate to use the names properly.  It is as inappropriate to refer
>> to Debian Linux as it is to refer to Fedora GNU/Linux: in both cases
>> that's rejecting the community's right to name their distro what they wish.
> To me it appears hypocritical that you are speaking of “respecting
> community rights” where the aforesaid communities (more precisely, the
> founding developers who are the ones that actually choose the name of
> the distribution, not the later community) have stepped over the right
> of the GNU project to be given proper credit.
> Recall that the most important contribution of the GNU project is not
> the software packages, but starting the free software movement and
> developing the most important licenses. GNU/Linux distributions are only
> possible because of free software ideology, even though many such would
> hate to acknowledge this.

So we should call FreeBSD “GNU/FreeBSD” instead? Sorry, I could not resist.

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