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On 10/10/17 11:05, Leo Gaspard wrote:
>> Recall that the most important contribution of the GNU project is not
>> the software packages, but starting the free software movement and
>> developing the most important licenses. GNU/Linux distributions are only
>> possible because of free software ideology, even though many such would
>> hate to acknowledge this.
> So we should call FreeBSD “GNU/FreeBSD” instead? Sorry, I could not resist.

Nice straw man fallacy. I have never asked anybody to call “GNU/*” all
free software projects, or anything similar, so your argument is unsound.

Moreover, there is no analogy between “FreeBSD” and “Linux”:

*The name “FreeBSD” has always referred to a specific distribution. That
is how people use it. There is no problem here.

*The name “Linux” refers to a specific *kernel* (from “Linus”, the first
author of this kernel). If you use the name “Linux” to refer to the
kernel, there is no problem, but using it for anything else is
incorrect, even if it *includes* Linux. Would it be correct to refer to
a car as an “engine”, because it includes an engine?

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