GnuPG usage for automatic remote decryption

周詮儒 kenchou0731 at
Thu Apr 5 10:50:32 CEST 2018


The situation is that there is a machine on remote. And I want to send an
encrypted file to that remote machine and let the machine decrypt the file
automatically. So I'm facing the problem that:

 * To encrypt the file by a public key:

     Which means I have to put a secret key on the remote machine. But it
is not an ideal solution. Since a secret key needs a passphrase to use.
Further more, a secret key on a remote machine isn't under enough
protection. That may have some security issue.

 * To encrypt the file by a secret key:

     This can meet my needs. But it seems that GnuPG doesn't support the
feature for encryption by secret key.

Any suggestion on this situation?

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