gpgme_op_verify regression with gnupg 2.2.6?

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at
Thu Apr 12 10:17:39 CEST 2018

On Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:03:42 CEST Thomas Jarosch wrote:
> Error output from gpgme_op_verify():
> gpgme_op_verify error: General error

thanks to Werner's hint with GPGME_DEBUG in another gpgme related thread,
I was able to generate a short log file for gnupg 2.2.5 and gnupg 2.2.6.

Here's the relevant part:

*** gnupg 2.2.5 ***
_gpgme_io_read: enter: fd=0x5, buffer=0x9fab6b8, count=1024
_gpgme_io_read: check: 5b474e5550473a5d 2056455249464943 [GNUPG:] VERIFIC
_gpgme_io_read: check: 4154494f4e5f434f 4d504c49414e4345 ATION_COMPLIANCE
_gpgme_io_read: check: 5f4d4f4445203233 0a5b474e5550473a _MODE 23.[GNUPG:
_gpgme_io_read: check: 5d204e4557534947 0a5b474e5550473a ] NEWSIG.[GNUPG:
_gpgme_io_read: check: 5d20455252534947 2035313245454444 ] ERRSIG 512EEDD
_gpgme_io_read: check: 3535393830434335 4220312038203030 55980CC5B 1 8 00
_gpgme_io_read: check: 2031343838393836 35313020390a5b47  1488986510 9.[G
_gpgme_io_read: check: 4e5550473a5d204e 4f5f5055424b4559 NUPG:] NO_PUBKEY
_gpgme_io_read: check: 2035313245454444 3535393830434335  512EEDD55980CC5
_gpgme_io_read: check: 420a                              B.
_gpgme_io_read: leave: result=146
_gpgme_io_select: enter: fds=0x9fac1a8, nfds=10, nonblock=0
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0x09fac1a8, select on [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0x09fac1a8, select OK [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: leave: result=1
_gpgme_run_io_cb: call: item=0x9fac190, need to check
_gpgme_io_select: enter: fds=0xbfca2504, nfds=1, nonblock=1
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0xbfca2504, select on [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0xbfca2504, select OK [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: leave: result=1
_gpgme_run_io_cb: call: item=0x9fac190, handler (0x9faa8e8, 5)
_gpgme_io_read: enter: fd=0x5, buffer=0x9fab6b8, count=1024
_gpgme_io_read: leave: result=0
_gpgme_io_close: enter: fd=0x5
_gpgme_io_close: check: fd=0x5, invoking close handler 0xb76790a0/0x9faa8e8
  _gpgme_remove_io_cb: call: data=0x9fac180, setting fd 0x5 (item=0x9fac190) done
_gpgme_io_close: leave: result=0
gpgme:gpg_io_event: call: gpg=0x9faa8e8, event 0xb7665150, type 1, type_data 0xbfca2574
GPGME 2018-04-12 10:03:58 <0x02d6>  gpgme_op_verify: leave
GPGME 2018-04-12 10:03:58 <0x02d6>  gpgme_op_verify_result: enter: ctx=0x9faaf60
GPGME 2018-04-12 10:03:58 <0x02d6>  gpgme_op_verify_result: check: ctx=0x9faaf60, sig[0] = fpr A93971254B380E6EE4CDF80F32064F2D0D3C2EB1, summary 0x3, status Success

*** gnupg 2.2.6 ***
_gpgme_io_read: enter: fd=0x5, buffer=0x8ebe6b8, count=1024
_gpgme_io_read: check: 5b474e5550473a5d 2054525553545f55 [GNUPG:] TRUST_U
_gpgme_io_read: check: 4c54494d41544520 30207067700a5b47 LTIMATE 0 pgp.[G
_gpgme_io_read: check: 4e5550473a5d2056 4552494649434154 NUPG:] VERIFICAT
_gpgme_io_read: check: 494f4e5f434f4d50 4c49414e43455f4d ION_COMPLIANCE_M
_gpgme_io_read: check: 4f44452032330a5b 474e5550473a5d20 ODE 23.[GNUPG:] 
_gpgme_io_read: check: 4e45575349470a5b 474e5550473a5d20 NEWSIG.[GNUPG:] 
_gpgme_io_read: check: 4552525349472035 3132454544443535 ERRSIG 512EEDD55
_gpgme_io_read: check: 3938304343354220 3120382030302031 980CC5B 1 8 00 1
_gpgme_io_read: check: 3438383938363531 3020390a5b474e55 488986510 9.[GNU
_gpgme_io_read: check: 50473a5d204e4f5f 5055424b45592035 PG:] NO_PUBKEY 5
_gpgme_io_read: check: 3132454544443535 393830434335420a 12EEDD55980CC5B.
_gpgme_io_read: check: 5b474e5550473a5d 204641494c555245 [GNUPG:] FAILURE
_gpgme_io_read: check: 206770672d657869 7420333335353434  gpg-exit 335544
_gpgme_io_read: check: 33330a                            33.
_gpgme_io_read: leave: result=211
_gpgme_io_select: enter: fds=0x8ebf1a8, nfds=10, nonblock=0
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0x08ebf1a8, select on [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0x08ebf1a8, select OK [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: leave: result=1
_gpgme_run_io_cb: call: item=0x8ebf190, need to check
_gpgme_io_select: enter: fds=0xbfd548b4, nfds=1, nonblock=1
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0xbfd548b4, select on [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: check: fds=0xbfd548b4, select OK [ r0x5 ]
_gpgme_io_select: leave: result=1
_gpgme_run_io_cb: call: item=0x8ebf190, handler (0x8ebd8e8, 5)
_gpgme_io_read: enter: fd=0x5, buffer=0x8ebe6b8, count=1024
_gpgme_io_read: leave: result=0
_gpgme_cancel_with_err: enter: ctx=0x8ebdf60, ctx_err=33554433, op_err=0
  _gpgme_io_close: enter: fd=0x5
  _gpgme_io_close: check: fd=0x5, invoking close handler 0xb76e80a0/0x8ebd8e8
    _gpgme_remove_io_cb: call: data=0x8ebf180, setting fd 0x5 (item=0x8ebf190) done
  _gpgme_io_close: leave: result=0
  gpgme:gpg_io_event: call: gpg=0x8ebd8e8, event 0xb76d4150, type 1, type_data 0xbfd548c8
_gpgme_cancel_with_err: leave
gpgme_op_verify:1176: error: General error <GnuPG>

-> to me it seems gnupg 2.2.6 exits with failure
once it encounters an unknown public key.

Is this behavior to be expected or considered a regression?

>From the 2.2.6 changelog it sounds like this change:

"gpg: Emit FAILURE status lines in almost all cases.  [#3872]"

Versions used for the test:

gpgme-1.8.0 (also tried 1.10.0)


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