Garbled data in keyservers

Stefan Claas stefan.claas at
Wed Dec 5 21:41:51 CET 2018

On Wed, 05 Dec 2018 11:24:10 -0900, justina colmena via Gnupg-users
> A keyserver is a convenience. Of course it's not magic. Right now I
> am using K-9 Mail and OpenKeychain on Android. When I received the
> above message from the list, K-9 Mail informed me that it was signed
> with a key with fingerprint "0xff80ae9d1dec358d", and referred me to
> the OpenKeychain app, which searched keyservers and found a matching
> public key, which I was allowed to import to verify the signature,
> which I did so successfully.

Sure, thats the way it works. If Werner and you for example had an
implementation of Autocrypt installed then you would not need
a key server. ;-)

But what we are pointing out here are the problems the current key
server network has, or might face in the future.


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