Error after secret key list.

Dirk Gottschalk dirk.gottschalk1980 at
Fri Dec 7 00:26:02 CET 2018


Am Freitag, den 23.11.2018, 20:36 +0100 schrieb Werner Koch:
> On Fri, 23 Nov 2018 18:56, dirk.gottschalk1980 at said:
> > I saw the Listing in the debugging log. I tried this also.
> > gpg -k does not show this message, but two messages regarding two
> > keys,
> Hmmm, not easy to debug by mail.
> > gpg: bad data signature from key 2894CD20EE47166D: Wrong key usage
> > (0x19, 0x2)
> That is bug we introduced in 2.2.10 or so which was fixed in
> 2.2.11.  It
> is just wrong diagnostic.
> > Could this be the reason for this error message?
> No.

Thanks to all for your help.

Just to update you: I solved the problem by exporting the public
keyring into a file, deleting pubring.kbx and re-importing the entire

Not to mention that the problem fixed itself automagically. GnuPG
reported one key less as imported than the keyring contained and the
"dead bird" has been gone.


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