Chance to get --with-agent-s2k-calibration=MSEC into stable branch?

Felix A. Kater fkater at
Tue Dec 11 09:28:47 CET 2018


in the master branch there is the commit

from September 2017 for that allows to circumvent a
huge performance regression with gnupg v2 keys in some contexts.

This commit is not in stable though.

I am not familiar with the process how commits get selected for
inclusion into the stable branch.  Is there a chance that it will
make it into gnupg stable anytime soon?


To recall: This issue applies to contexts like gnupg being called
internally by postgresql where there is no agent, so the security
calibration / delay of 100 MESC is applied to every single
decryption call.  Refer to my original posting and the explanation
by Werner Koch, proposing to reduce MSEC at compile time:

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