Remove public key from keyserver

Stefan Claas stefan.claas at
Tue Jan 16 09:46:40 CET 2018

Am 16.01.2018 um 00:32 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:

> (Responding here because Stefan's message hasn't hit my mail server yet)
My previous message to you and the list was bounced from your mail server.
>>>> It's from 2003.  It doesn't need modernization.
>>> No? I for one would like to be sure that i am the only person who can
>>> upload my public key to a key server directory.
> Which is not a modernization issue.  It's a feature request, and the
> feature you're asking for is DRM.  Literally.  You're asking that the
> keyserver network be rewritten to give you the ability to manage how
> information, which you think belongs to you, gets shared: that's DRM.
> DRM schemes are awful and they don't work.
O.K. than it is a feature request. You also triggered something in me 
with the
words " which you think belongs to you".

If i am not mistaken you have also a keybase account, if not i applogize.
How about this; let's make "your" public key the ideal canditate for a
global trollwot session, were every GnuPG Linux user can participate
and add some funny things to "your" public key. This would be
also interesting to see how many signatures a public key can bear.

Maybe people can do also other things with "your" pub key and post
the used techniques here, like i did in the past with Erika Mustermann's
pub key and the added fake sig from Werner.

This would imho give you and people you talk to in conferences etc.
also a better view what i am talking about.

Best regards

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