Remove public key from keyserver

Stefan Claas stefan.claas at
Tue Jan 16 11:40:10 CET 2018

Am 16.01.2018 um 11:12 schrieb Kristian Fiskerstrand:

> On 01/15/2018 09:23 PM, Stefan Claas wrote:
>> No? I for one would like to be sure that i am the only person who
>> can upload my public key to a key server directory.
> This seems to be based on a misconception whereby you're attributing
> properties of a certificate authority to the keyservers. OpenPGP already
> has a method for certification from CAs, and that is by providing a
> signature on the appropriate UID on the public keyblock. As long as the
> signature is propagated on the keyserver network, these roles can be
> appropriately isolated and the decision of whether or not to trust a
> specific CA is left to the user performing the trust calculation,
> incidentally also allowing for signatures from multiple CAs.
I'm not sure what you are talking about, a language barrier from my 

The CA in Germany (Governikus) i have used sends me my certified key 
back to my
email address and does not publish my pub key on key servers.


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