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Kristian Fiskerstrand kristian.fiskerstrand at
Tue Jan 16 11:12:43 CET 2018

On 01/15/2018 09:23 PM, Stefan Claas wrote:
> No? I for one would like to be sure that i am the only person who
> can upload my public key to a key server directory.

This seems to be based on a misconception whereby you're attributing
properties of a certificate authority to the keyservers. OpenPGP already
has a method for certification from CAs, and that is by providing a
signature on the appropriate UID on the public keyblock. As long as the
signature is propagated on the keyserver network, these roles can be
appropriately isolated and the decision of whether or not to trust a
specific CA is left to the user performing the trust calculation,
incidentally also allowing for signatures from multiple CAs.

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