Remove public key from keyserver

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Jan 16 16:35:09 CET 2018

> O.K. than it is a feature request. You also triggered something in me
> with the words "which you think belongs to you".

That's because you think information *does* belong to you.  But
information doesn't belong to anyone: the nature of information is that
it has no owners.  You can place restrictions on what people do with
information -- maybe -- but you can't make information into a possession
any more than you can declare you own mathematics.

The fact an EU committee has declared otherwise strikes me as like the
legend of King Canute.  When his advisers told him his power was without
limit, Canute took them to the ocean and let them watch as he ordered
the tide to not come in.  The tide came in anyway, thus proving Canute's
point to his advisers -- just because they say it's so doesn't mean it's so.

None of this is to say you have no privacy interest in your data, nor
that our laws shouldn't facilitate you having some control over your
private data.  But our laws also shouldn't be written in such a way as
to lead people to think they can *own* information.

> If i am not mistaken you have also a keybase account


> How about this; let's make "your" public key the ideal canditate for a
> global trollwot session, were every GnuPG Linux user can participate
> and add some funny things to "your" public key.

You seem to be under the belief I don't see this as a problem.  As a
quick check in the archives will show you, I've been talking about this
problem for at least eight years.  And I know Werner's been dealing with
this problem for even longer.

Just because I think you understand neither the problem nor the deeply
problematic aspects of your proposed fixes, does not mean I disagree
there's a problem.

> This would imho give you and people you talk to in conferences etc.
> also a better view what i am talking about.

I already know exactly what you're concerned about.  I share in those
concerns.  I do not believe you're contributing to finding an answer to
these problems.

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