Privacy vs. security

listo factor listofactor at
Wed Jan 17 03:47:16 CET 2018

On 01/16/2018 06:05 PM, Andrew Gallagher - andrewg at wrote:
> Ultimately, the PGP ecosystem prioritises security over privacy. They
> are not the same thing, and in some cases they are in conflict.

Somewhat of a generalization, but essentially correct. More
precisely - if I may - it's point of balance between the privacy
and security represents our thinking about the relative importance
of these two categories at the time the system was conceived,
decades ago.

Since that time, our view about the importance of security has
changed very little. Our view about the importance and desirability
of privacy has changed a whole lot.

Consequently, it is time to re-examine the point of balance
between the two.

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