Forwarding both gpg and ssh agents

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Mon Jul 16 14:22:50 CEST 2018


as far as I know this is independently of GnuPG and just depends on the
configuration of the SSH client. Maybe have a search for "Stepping
Stone" configuration or alike. This should use your local keys.

For Example (based on something I used in the past):

Host thirdMachine-alias
	HostName thirdMachine
	ProxyCommand ssh user at FreeBSDmachine -W %h:%p
	User user

or alike... As I said, this is not GnuPG specific, but a SSH thing.

Kind regards

On 16.07.2018 12:36, Chris Coutinho wrote:
> Hello,
> I use the ssh-agent functionality of gnupg (version 2.2.8) to handle
> connecting to remote hosts, which works great. I'm also able to forward
> my gpg-agent to remote machines to e.g. decrypt files using the
> `RemoteForward` flag in my ~/.ssh/config:
> Host myremote
>     RemoteForward /path/to/remote/S.gpg-agent
> /path/to/local/S.gpg-agent.extra
> I have a few remotes where I would also like to forward my ssh-agent so
> that I can make a third connection to a remote machine using my local
> ssh-agent (through gpg-agent). Specifically, I'm trying to ssh into a
> FreeBSD remote, and from there connect to a third remote git server
> using the ssh credentials from my local machine.
> Is this functionality available?
> Regards,
> Chris
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