Expire a single UID

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Subject: Expire a single UID
> On 06/11/2018 09:30 AM, Max-Julian Pogner wrote:
>> *) should i revoke the uid on the old key? => However, as far as i 
>> know, the secret key is not / was never compromised.
> Revoking a UID is not the same as revoking a key, and does not imply
> that the associated secret key has been compromised
Then i'll revoke the uid.

>> Thanks for any hints!
> Here's another possibility: Have you considered using an OpenPGP card?
> This would allow you to keep your private keys under your control, even
> when you use them on your employer-provided system.

That would be actually a very good solution. However, due to lacking my
experience and lacking general acceptance, I have to postpone this until
some other day.

Thanks for the help!


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