Silencing MDC Warning with gnupg 2.2.8.

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jun 14 17:20:43 CEST 2018

On Thu, 14 Jun 2018 13:56, ralph at said:

> I see that --ignore-mdc-error downgrades the error to a warning allowing

Right, this is the suggest method to decrypt old mails.

> --no-mdc-warning is now a no-op and so doesn't work in concert with

Right, this is on purpose.  The warning is important to educate users.

> remove the MDC warning from stderr, allowing the rest of stderr's
> content to pass?  Downstream of this command is unhappy otherwise.

Why do you need stderr at all?  These are diagnositics for human
consumption.  And, as I said, we want that the warning show ups if the
override option is enabled.  

> gpg(1) still documents --force-mdc and --disable-mdc, saying they're now
> no-ops, but --no-mdc-warning is undocumented despite still being
> accepted and also a no-op.  This hampers investigating why

There is no reason to document a dummy option which never affected the
behaviour of gpg.  This is in contrast to the other mentioned NOPs.



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