buildroot INSTALL_PREFIX and hardcoded paths

Konstantin Ryabitsev konstantin at
Thu Jun 14 20:10:56 CEST 2018


I'm trying to package a static build of gnupg22 so I don't have to copy
things manually to each CentOS-7 system where I need ECC crypto support.
I'm using the following to build gnupg-2.2.8 inside the RPM:

make -f build-aux/ STATIC=1 CUSTOM_SWDB=1 \
    INSTALL_PREFIX=%{buildroot}/opt/gnupg22 this-native

RPM needs to "install" things into a buildroot, so in the above case, 
%{buildroot} is /buildroot/build/BUILDROOT/gnupg22-static-2.2.8-2.x86_64.
Of course, this means that gpg and other binaries expect to call
gpg-agent, dirmngr, and other auxiliary programs in
instead of just /opt/gnupg22.

Is there a simple solution to this? I know it's not the intended purpose
of, but it's convenient to use it in my case, if only I could
teach it to distinguish between where things are during build and where
they will be after installation.

Currently, I work around this by setting agent-program and
dirmngr-program in gpg.conf.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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