gnupg SmartCard V3.3

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at
Thu Mar 1 12:32:42 CET 2018

Hello Klaus,

On Thursday, 01 March 2018 10:08:14 CET Klaus Römer wrote:
> This is my target device because it is build-in in our Laptops,
> i found this ct 2017-10 (german computer magazine) Article,
> where they claim the reader to be working with the openpgp smartcard Version
> 2.1 by transfering precreated 4096-Bit keys. This is exactly what i am
> tring to do - and it seems to work, only the stub keys are not being
> generated…
> So either i am doing something stupid or the V3.3 card incorporated changes
> which broke this. I ordered another reader and asked if it would be
> possible do buy some 2.1 cards for cross-tersting, but it seems they would
> have to be manufactured as they are out of stock.

Today I'm also setting up a bunch of V3.3 cards.

There is indeed a problem: OpenSC added support for the new cards just
in the current git HEAD version. See:

-> we compiled opensc from git on Fedora now are able to talk to the card.

You might be affected by this if gnupg talks to the card
via opensc instead of the builtin libusb based CCID driver.
(that's what NIIBE Yutaka suspected in his reply)


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