AW: Users GnuPG aims for? (Re: Breaking MIME concatenation)

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Thu May 17 10:45:18 CEST 2018

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> Am Mittwoch 16 Mai 2018 15:46:05 schrieb Martin:
> > I think a fundamental discussion is necessary with the question: Who
> > should / will use GnuPG in the future?
> Note that during one contract in 2016 we came up with some thoughts
> in where GnuPG could be heading:
> > Two extremes: Only these people who need really to encrypt their
> > emails because they are persecuted. But these people learned how to
> > handle their email client correctly and these people will write
> > text-only also in the future.
> The problem stays viewing email contents.

No, there is much more to it and I have the feeling, that GnuPG development does not really account for that, thus loosing grounds. As an example, gnupg is also key management. As gnupg starts getting more and more problematic regarding some functions (see the discussions on command line/unattended use), Ubuntu Bionic AND Debian Buster dropped it from their debootstrap and replaced the apt-key management parts with own solutions. Hence "apt-key import" will not work any more on debootstrap templates (thus in containerized environments) because gnupg is in process of removal from essential system parts.

Even for more limited use-cases, like e-mail decryption: Some use it for client side de/encryption procedures, others use it server side in encryption/decryption gateways. In my opinion gnupg development has a strong motion towards client-only use-cases, thus I started like Ubuntu/Debian to get rid of in all server side applications. I do that as sysadmin-self-defence, but I do not like it from an ethical aspect: good encryption tools should be basics for a free digital society. This is also the reason why I participate in the discussion.

LG Roman

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