Re: Break backwards compatibility already: it’s time. Ignore the haters. I trust you.

Mark Rousell markr at
Tue May 22 03:46:21 CEST 2018

On 22/05/2018 02:47, Mirimir wrote:
> But OK. The point here is not to expect that you can open such archives
> in an email client with Internet access, which is also receiving new
> email. Because that makes it vulnerable to Efail and follow-ons.

I agree.

> So put
> the archives in an air-gapped machine, with a suitably tweaked email
> client to access them.

Not all archived and encrypted data is emails. There can be all sorts of
things. It doesn't really matter what and it's not up to us to tell
people what their system architecture should be. As long as they have
access to maintained software to access (i.e. decrypt only) this old
data (and this project is definitely the best source of such maintained
software) then that is enough to satisfy what I perceive as critical
requirements for many types of user in this category.

Mark Rousell

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