I just got an odd message

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Tue May 22 08:30:10 CEST 2018

OK, so I just got an odd message. There's a text/html part, with
suspicious bits:

| <div style=3D"display:none;"><span style=3D"font-size:0px;
| line-height:0px;color:white;background-color:white;">----DMMAwGuf


| cROBNJ3k q9IZYLZM rP0GExKW RS----=0A=0A<br><br></span>


| <div style=3D"display:none;"><span style=3D"font-size:0px;
| line-height:0px;color:white;background-color:white;">----iAmobekE
| x8fPP99r k7BqbiXj


| 3zlX0bTK oPoV8ioK 6J5dAT----</span>

I don't display HTML, of course ;)

Those are just screwed-up text-encoded images, right?

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