I just got an odd message

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at andrewg.com
Tue May 22 13:41:01 CEST 2018

On 22/05/18 07:30, Mirimir wrote:
> Those are just screwed-up text-encoded images, right?

Without seeing the full email, it's hard to tell. They don't appear to
represent any well-known file type when run through a base64 decoder.

Most uses of such constructions are hacks to get emails to display
differently depending on the idiosyncracies of different readers, and I
see plenty of them. But the text-encoded data does look odd.

I grepped the last 500 days of my spam folder and found one instance
from a long time back that closely matches the pattern of yours. It is
missing the leading dashes and whitespace chunking but otherwise looks
almost the same. It includes the domain name "wei wei gift dot com".

I see nothing in my example that screams "efail", but even so I am
reluctant to open it in an HTML renderer to find out. ;-) It may simply
be garbage intended to confound bayesian analysis.


Andrew Gallagher

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