Breaking changes

Ralph Seichter m16+gnupg at
Wed May 23 15:45:04 CEST 2018

This thread really has me pulling my hair--what's left of it. Some core
aspects from where I am standing:

1. GPG is maintained by volunteers. If you have any complaint about how
this maintenance is progressing, get off your behind and be a volunteer
yourself, or failing that, provide an incentive--money would be nice--to
existing volunteers. See also: Gift horses, not looking in the mouth of.

2. GPG 1.4 will not suddenly vanish if it is no longer maintained.
People can still use it like before. Maybe they shouldn't, but they can.

3. GPG 1.4 has been outdated for what amounts to ages in terms of
software life cycles. Whoever has not migrated so far will also not
migrate if you give him another 6 or 12 months. While everybody is free
to stick with 1.4, nobody is required to waste resources on maintenance
efforts, unless it gives him some strange pleasure to do so. I think
that only a fait accompli in the form of dropping version 1.4 support
will push the procrastinators in management to release necessary funds.

What I percieve a lot in this thread are variations of "I wanna stay in
bed for five more minutes mommy". I wonder if Werner and Robert should
charge 5 EUR for every incident of whining to secure some funds?

Get off your collective bums and out of bed, children! ;-)


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