Need help with GPG + Thunderbird + Enigmail on a RaspberryPi

Juergen Bruckner juergen at
Sun Nov 18 14:52:14 CET 2018

Hello Groups,

I do this as crossposting on gnupg and enigmail - lists.

Raspian: November 2018 (Kernel 4.4)
Thunderbird: 52.9.1 - 32bit
Enigmail 2.0.8 (20180804-1515)
all installed from the Raspbian-sources

At the moment I try to etablish a "Backup-Mail-Client" on a RaspberryPi
with Thunderbird, GnuPG and Enigmail.
So far so good - I brought all to run, except problems with the import
of GPG keys.
When I try to import a key I just exported a minute before from my
desktop pc there is only the public key imported. And YES I double
checked to export the secret key.
I did export and try to import via Enigmail.

Can anyone figure out where i make a mistake or where there is an error?

best regards

Juergen M. Bruckner
juergen at

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