Are here any ProtonMail users which use the service from the very beginning?

Stefan Claas stefan.claas at
Sun Nov 18 13:31:30 CET 2018

Hi all,

while i don't use public keys from email services which offer as a
service to create the key pair on their servers, i have a question,
for those who use ProtonMail from the very beginning and have
made a copy from that public key.

I ask because it puzzles me a bit when i discovered a while
ago that i have now 2 public keys on my account, which
are created at a later date, then when i signed up to the
service, which then created the key pair upon sign-up.

Therefore i like to know if users can show me that when
they signed up with the service from the beginning that
they also had a public key with the uid user at
and not name etc. and

I can't prove publicity that i had from the very first time
a public key with the UID user at, because
i never bothered with this key and therefore never stored
it as a backup on my computer.

I signed up for ProtonMail in Nov 2014 and the
public keys i have now there are created (not by me)
at a later date.

I asked also a while ago their support and the
answer from them was not convincing.

You can see my question here (posted as anonymous)
when you scroll down:


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