Are here any ProtonMail users which use the service from the very beginning?

df. df at
Sun Nov 18 19:30:00 CET 2018

Stefan Claas:

> I ask because it puzzles me a bit when i discovered a while
> ago that i have now 2 public keys on my account, which
> are created at a later date, then when i signed up to the
> service, which then created the key pair upon sign-up.
> Therefore i like to know if users can show me that when
> they signed up with the service from the beginning that
> they also had a public key with the uid user at
> and not name etc. and

I signed up to ProtonMail in March '14 but did not actually get the
account until December '14. That's 9 months later.

I have one pair of keys generated (for both .ch and .com), generated on
the day I setup the account, which for me was on the day ProtonMail made
it available to me in December '14.

> I can't prove publicity that i had from the very first time
> a public key with the UID user at, because
> i never bothered with this key and therefore never stored
> it as a backup on my computer.
> I signed up for ProtonMail in Nov 2014 and the
> public keys i have now there are created (not by me)
> at a later date.

If you have any doubts on current ProtonMail keypair(s) you have, I
strongly recommend you login in to webmail, goto settings, select keys,
and generate new keypair(s), mark them as primary, then mark obsolete or
compromised the keypair(s) that are in doubt, you can then delete from
your account if needed.

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