gmail smime, sends two messages one is not encrypted. Experience?

Juergen BRUCKNER juergen at
Sat Dec 7 21:19:02 CET 2019

Hi Stefan,

well... what is a trusted and a untrusted CA?
Is a CA really trusted just about the fact it is "build in" in a browser
or mail client?
Is a not included CA really untrusted?

I think it is more a personal decision than anything else.

The past few years showed us very good examples why "trusted" CA are not
much better that so called untrusted ones.
And for personally .. i think i can for example trust the CA CAcert much
more than a CA which is located in China or Turkey.

So isf someone is iporting a root certificate of any CA he shows that he
is trusting this CA - not more not less

Am 07.12.19 um 20:59 schrieb Stefan Claas:
> Ah, o.k. with an own CA that make sense. However, I was also assuming
> that students may use their certs also for 'outside' comms, which then
> would require then that the other parties have always to import non-
> trusted root certs, which is not the case with commercial ones, obtained
> from globally trusted CAs.


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