Gnupg-users Digest, Vol 184, Issue 22

Stefan Claas sac at
Sun Feb 3 12:49:06 CET 2019

On Sun, 3 Feb 2019 04:14:06 -0500, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> > Maybe someone, in the future, can pick-up the idea of PGPfone and develop it further
> > so that it can be used on Linux too or modern macOS. The old Windows version still runs
> > fine, under Windows 7, for example.  
> Why?
> It's a serious question.  What exact feature set was there present in
> PGPfone which you believe is not easily available with out-of-the-box
> software solutions?

What i liked about PGPfone was that you could directly connect to your
communications partner, without any servers involved and it was super
easy to use. You simply put in the (current) IP Adress, connect and then
read some displayed letters to each other, to prevent MITM, and then
communicated. There was no learning curve involved.

I think i have to look harder to find a cross-platform FOSS solution
that works the same.


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